The Price of Immortality

Fight with a Gholam

After the episode next to the crypt of Kassen, the party intends to leave the place, but then it is remembered that there was still an unexplored area behind a door in the room with the basin with keys, out of which a magical key was obtained. They go there, and open the left door with said magic key. Behind the door is a long corridor with statues holding swords. The statues are partially clad in leather. Preen suspects this could be trapped, so he moves cautiously forward. But alas, at some point the stone below Preens feet drops away and all the swords are swung downwards. Preen suffers a minor wound, Lini and Jonathan are out of harms way. The swords are now horizontally positioned over the path. With some acrobatics Preen reaches the other side without more damage. Lini follows more slowly but still is a little hurt by one of the swords. Jonathan reaches the other end unscathed. Lini administers a Cure Light Wounds spell on Preen. At the end of the path is another door which leads to a large room with a very big wooden statue of Kassen, which holds two wooden shields with the writings “Home” and “Family”.
Lini walks towards the stairs leading to the statue and the door next to it, but then the statue comes to life and steps of its pedestal! An audible click! precludes the stairs turning into slides. Lini deduces from all the things happening that the statue is a wood gholam.
Preen shoots an arrow in the gholam, but this does not appear to do any damage. Lini casts the Magic Weapon spell on her trident. Jonathan goes down via the other stairs/slide. The gholam attacks with his shield and hits Lini, who suffers some damage. Preen tries to get behind the gholam and performs a sneak attack with his dagger, but misses. Lini attacks with her trident, but her piercing weapon does no damage. Jonathan hacks into the gholam with his sword, which appears to hurt it a bit. The gholam attacks Lini again, but misses. Then Lini casts her Lightning arc , which seems to work. Jonathan keeps hacking at the gholam. Then the gholam attacks Jonathan, misses, but drops one of the shields. Jonathan notices that in the neck of the gholam a keyhole is present.
Preen attempts another sneak attack and Lini repeats her Lightning arc but both are unsuccessful. Jonathan continues chopping wood, but the gholam hits back. Then Preen hits the target with his next sneak attack and Lini has a full blast with her Lightning arc attack. Jonathan gives a final strike to the gholam and it falls down in pieces. Jonathan kicks the remaining shield away from the wooden rubble. The shields are covered with numerous small holes/dents. Preen looks at the door in the corner of the room – it is locked. The sliding stairs have turned back into stairs. The magic key opens the locked door and in the room behind it there is a table with three labeled pouches. The labels read their names.
Preen receives a masterwork rapier and a potion of invisibility
Jonathan receives a masterwork longbow and an oil of magic weapon
Lini receives a masterwork trident and a scroll of lesser restoration.
(All receive 300 xP)


DerkG Ageraluon

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