The Price of Immortality

More skeletons and zombies

After a night rest and some healing, the party is recovered fully. They enter the crypt again and go to the room where they had encountered the blood skeletons. The room is quiet, some remains of the skeletons lie on the floor, but not moving. Preen sneaks inside, and suddenly he encounters a skeleton, which stands behind a pillar. The skeleton has not seen him yet, and he prepares a sneak attack with his light mace. He misses the skeleton completely, and the mace flies out of his hand, and lands in front of one of the statues. Then a second skeleton approaches from across the room, and they both attack Preen. The attack is not successful. Lini channels energy and it appears that the skeletons are slightly affected by this. Jonathan moves toward the skeletons to assist Preen, who has recovered his light mace, but misses the skeleton again. The skeletons attack Preen again, and his arm is grazed by one of them, causing a light injury. Jonathan tries to hit the skeleton nearest to him, but he also misses completely. Fed up with it all, Lini channels energy again and the two skeletons fall down in a pile of dust and bones.

They look at the room in more detail. The two statues are both of Kassen, the four pillars hold up the roof of the room. At the head of the stairs downward, Preen checks for traps, and finds none. He hears water dripping and a soft moaning sound. Lini cast a guidance spell on all of the party members, then they go down the stairs. The reach a small round room with a pedestal with the following inscription:
To the south you might take your ease, to rest and reflect on Kassen’s deeds.
To the east lies the wheel, to open the gate.
To the west is the resting place of Kassen, hero of the Fangwood.

They decide to go west, a strong scent of rot is coming from that direction. The reach a room with catacombes, a lot of dust is on the floor, and some pieces of rotting clothes lie scattered around. When everyone is inside the room, four zombies appear from different corners. Jonathan shoots an arrow in one of the zombies, causing an amount of pus and gore to pour from the creature. As soon as a zombie is within reach, Preen stabs it. The fluids emanating from the zombie have an enormous stench. Jonathan is then hit seriously by a zombie, Lini comes to his aid, but misses as the zombie is just around the corner of one of the catacombes. Jonathan takes a swing at the offending zombie and hits him, but he remains standing. Preen makes a critical hit on the zombie next to him, and he is splattered completely with the remains of the zombie. The other zombie which was behind the first hits Preen, causing a significant wound. Lini kills the weakened zombie in front of Jonathan, and they both are covered in zombie gore. Jonathan hits the zombie behind the one that was just killed, but this one is still standing. Preen steps back to lure the zombie in a narrow area of the room. The zombie misses Preen. Jonathan is hit hard. As Preen called to Lini that a zombie is coming, she goes over to him and hits the zombie, but it is still moving. Preen finishes him off with another critical hit, and another splash of pus and undefined liquids falls on Preen. Then the last remaining zombie hits Jonathan that one time to many, and Jonathan goes down. Lini quickly goes over to him, and stabs the offending zombie in the belly, killing him.
She then quickly casts cure light wounds and Jonathan is able to get up again.
As all are covered in muck and gore, and Jonathan and Preen are quite hurt, they decide not to explore the crypt further, but to go back to the entrance, where they can wash themselves in the basin with the keys at the bottom.

They spend another night outside in their camping site, Lini helping the others with healing and she also creates a pint of blessed water. The next morning they go back to the crypt, to the small circular room with the pedestal and inscription. They now go to the east, where the humidity level increases markedly, until they find the corridor flooded with water. The corridor slopes downward a bit, and the water level rises in consequence as they proceed. They reach a room in which four dead bodies float, together with a large dead frog. The bodies all have long bloody scratches. Fungus covers the walls, pillars and ceiling of the room, with long tendrils of fungus drooping down. They go back in the corridor, Preen goes further to the north, where he finds a door, completely swollen by the water around it. He hears a deep rumbling of a croaking frog from behind the door. They quickly decide against a longer scouting of this wet area, and go back to the dry room with the pedestal and take the corridor to the south. A short distance later they enter a quiet room with a fountain, a sort of resting chamber. Lini casts detect poison on the fountain water, and sees that it is safe. Preen dips his finger in the water for a taste, which is fresh. He takes out his water bottle, and takes a swig. He feels completely refreshed, no longer tired. He hands the water bottle to Lini, who takes a sip, but feels nothing special. Jonathan takes a drink directly from the fountain, and he also feels completely refreshed. They all fill their water bottles, and when Lini takes a swallow from her own bottle, she also feels refreshed. Then they go back to the room where they had found the zombies, to listen at the door in that room. They hear nothing. A small niche next to the door holds a yellowed piece of paper, a flyer of some sort, a bag with 13 gold pieces and a potion labeled “cure moderate wounds”. The note reads: “If you are in need of work, come to the Rangers Lament” This does not ring a bell with anyone. Lini checks if the potion is poisonous – it is not – with her spell. They divide the gold as equally as possible, with Lini 5 gold and the others 4. Then Preen opens the door from a distance.

Behind the door they see a completely destroyed room, with a long pool in the middle and a portcullis at the end of the room. Preen sneaks inside, looks into the murky water of the pool, blanches completely, and with a startled oath and scream he turns and runs out of the room, bumping Lini and Jonathan aside who were standing in the doorway. He keeps on running for quite some time, in the dark, as he has no light on him. Jonathan turns and follows him as quickly as he can. Lini, being her curious self, also looks into the water of the pool, sees her reflection, and is also scared out of her wits, wanting only to get away from the pool. She runs after Jonathan and Preen, albeit in a somewhat slower pace. When Preen gets back to his senses, he finds himself in a completely dark corridor. He strikes a brief light with his flint and steel, and recognizes the corridor as the one that leads to the domed room with the stone pillar with the arrows. The door cannot be opened from this side though. Figuring that his companions will likely follow him, he bangs on the closed door, hoping he would be heard. Jonathan, on his way to follow Preen, hears a shrill scream from behind him, and running footsteps coming toward him. Then he enters the domed room and hears banging on the door to his right. He opens it to let Preen in. Preen asks where Lini is, and they find her in the corridor leading toward the domed room, also having regained her senses. Jonathan asks what was so scary in the pool, and both Lini and Preen do not actually know, they only saw their own reflections, but what was so scary? They decide to go back to find out.
When they reach the pool again, first Preen looks into the pool, being prepared for the worst, but he only sees his own reflection, nothing scary. “It is not so bad the second time, it seems!” he says. Lini also looks into the pool, and is greeted by her own face. Jonathan, a bit hesitant, also walks over to the pool and looks into the water, but he sees nothing strange of untoward. Lini casts detect poison on the water of the pool, but it is not poison. Then they go to the portcullis, this is strongly made. Jonathan and Preen try to lift the portcullis, but to no avail. Behind the portcullis they see and hear a large number of small bats, which do not come through the bars of the portcullis.
They decide to let this area of the crypt be, and go back to the room with the basin with the keys at the bottom, there was another door there, which they had not yet checked out.


DerkG Ageraluon

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