The Price of Immortality

Return to Kassen

Outside the crypt, when they make camp for the night, they have a conversation with Roldare and his sister. They explain that what happened was never the intent. Never before were any undead present in the crypt. They only wanted to frighten the adventurers.
The next morning they make their way back to the village of Kassen. They climb up out of the ravine. In the forest there is little wildlife to be seen. Just after the lake they set up camp for the night. After camp has been made, Preen sits down and plays his flute again – not very well. Jonathan frowns at him but says nothing. It is a quiet night.
The next morning they continue their walk towards the village, and they reach Kassen by nightfall. There are torches among the villagers who await them in a festive mood in the village center. Preen walks directly towards the mayor and motions to him that all the festive raucous should stop. Jonathan walks towards the music band to make them quiet. Preen says in a somewhat loud voice: “Apart from these two, everyone else is dead!” He points at Roldare and his sister. “The crypt was full of undead creatures”
The mayor is full of disbelief. Preen gives a brief report and says: “This is not our idea of a funny prank” The mayor pales visibly during this recital and leads the three of them to the town hall. On their way there Preen makes eye contact with his mother to assure her he is all right. Also Jonathans parents are relieved to see him well.
In the mayor’s office Lini gives a detailed report of all that has happened. The mayor is duly impressed and calls them heroes. There will be a great banket held in our honour in an hours’ time.

Before the feast, Lini goes to the temple, tells Prasst about their adventures, and spends some time in prayer before she refreshes herself to go to the party. Jonathan also goes home to get a change of clothes. Preen tells his mother about what happened in the crypt, and she becomes very motherly and almost smothers him with her attention.
The banquet starts with a speech from the mayor. Preen, Jonathan and Lini are honoured. All villagers who have lost their lives are named and remembered. This lasts about an hour, then a toast is made and all set to eat.
Halfway the conversion from banquet to party, Preen slips away. Near the door Cygar stands watching the crowd, but Preen in particular, and when he loses sight of Preen, he looks about inquiringly. Preen awaits him when he comes nearer to him, and says: “Are you looking for someone?” Suddenly a blackened dagger and a sword are in Cygar’s hands and he turns around quickly to see who has spoken. When he sees Preen, who is a bit startled by this reaction, he says: “Oh it is you…” and puts away his weapons. Preen is impressed. Cygar is interested in what happened in the crypt, he wants to know more. And asks if Preen may be interested in a lucrative assignment? Preen does not trust the man completely. Cygar then introduces himself as a member of the Pathfinder order (known treasure hunters). He says that robbers have specifically come to the crypt of Kassen to steal the amulets – do you want to know more about this?

Jonathan has seen Preen slip away and taking his cue from this, he also leaves the party via the same route and finds Preen in discussion with another man outside of the exit door. Preen hands Jonathan the wine bottle he had taken from the party and introduces him to Cygar, who says that he may have a job for us. “Or you can also just stay in this shithole…” says Preen. They agree to meet the next morning, four hours after sunrise, in the Seven Silvers tavern.
Lini is still inside at the party, with some of her fellow gnomes. At some point she is spoken to by a waitress, who tells her to meet Preen tomorrow morning in the Seven Silvers. Lini asks what it is about, but the waitress does not know more than what she has told.

Cygars assignment

After Cygar has left them, Jonathan and Preen talk about their meeting with Cygar and that he has spoken about the items that were taken from the crypt of Kassen. They finish the bottle of wine and then both go to their homes. On his way home, Preen decides he wants to talk to Jimmy the halfling about this all. He awaits him at his home, and sure enough, around midnight Jimmy comes home, seriously drunk. Preen helps him enter his house, but lets him fumble for a while creating some light. Preen asks Jimmy if he would take a job given by the Pathfinder guild. That depends, Jimmy says, before going into a drunken report of something or another. Preen cannot make head or tail from it, and sees the folly of his intention to speak to Jimmy in this condition. Jimmy ends with an emphatic repeat of the words: “You must write them down!” Preen then leaves Jimmy to his own devices and goes home, where he meets his mother, who is still up and about. He has a brief conversation with her, where he hints about Kassen being too small for him, and that he may seek his adventure elsewhere.
Also around midnight, when Lini has told the story many a time, she goes back to the temple for a good nights rest.

The next morning in the Seven Silvers, Cygar sits at a table, his black hood down. His human face is covered with scars on one side. Lini is introduced to Cygar and brought up to date. Lini senses that Cygar is an open and honest person. They sit down at the table and have tea and coffee. Cygar tells that the Pathfinder guild is an international group of adventures, treasure hunters and chronicle writers.
He asks what they know about the stolen objects from the crypt.
Lini says that the two amulets were stolen by the cult of Razmir. The nickname of Razmir is The Living God. Their cult claims that they have the only god that really answers, all the other gods are not real.
Cygar can tell where to look for the amulets. In exchange they need to write down all that happens on their quest, and the location of the final treasure. When this story is complete, they must deliver it to a member of the Pathfinder guild, and in exchange they will get 500 gold pieces each.
This sound good, but Preen negotiates for some advance payment, and they agree upon 10 gold pieces. During their travel they will have to work for their pay – to protect the cargo of a ship. A contract is made, which is quite open. The risk is that if they are not the first ones with the finished story, they will not get any gold. He also gives them three blank books, to write their reports in.
The Cult of Razmir operates and recruits in Tamran. The next morning a boat will depart, and they will be able to travel along.

Lini takes her leave from Rantal Prasst, and gathers her belongings for the journey. She is given two potions of healing.
Preen is given a remembrance to his father, his mother has kept his masterwork shortbow all these years. Preen is touched by this.
Also Jonathan is given a parting gift from his mentor: a very exquisite longbow.

The next morning they go to the harbour. They see the merchant vessel, and as they approach it, they see the merchant, Jon, talking to an impressive woman, holding a sword that is taller than herself. Preen greets Jon and the woman, who introduces herself as Amiri.
They agree upon 5 goldpieces a week plus meals for their services as cargo protectors. It is expected to take two weeks to reach the Water Horse Inn, from which point they will take the road south. Lini, Jonathan and Preen board the merchant vessel.


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