The Price of Immortality

Meeting with Kassen

Behind the double brass doors is a large room with an altar on top of which a sarcophagus is placed. Through the half opened doors Lini notices a skeleton like figure in the back, with a blue light in its eye sockets. Preen goes inside, and Jonathan follows. The skeleton speaks to them: “So, the heroes of Kassen have come to fight with me again!” Lini also enters the room, which is lit by a flame above the sarcophagus. The skeleton is wearing plate armour and is brandishing a longsword. LIni goes forward a bit to get the skeleton in range and calls upon Gozreh to channel energy, and with success. The armoured skeleton blanches a bit, and she hears sounds of collapsing bones, as if a large number of skeletons in the area have collapsed.
As a counter action, the armoured skeleton attacks Lini and inflicts some damage. A fight between the skeleton and the three “Heroes of Kassen” ensues, during which Preen gets hurt, but all three manage to hurt the skeleton until a final channel energy by Lini drops him to the floor.
Lini uses her cure moderate wounds spell on Preen.

Behind the sarcophagus they find a young woman lying unconscious. Lini heals her, using a cure light wounds spell. When she comes around, she is confused, but they learn that her name is Demira, sister of Roldare, and that during their ‘preparations’ for them in the crypt, they were attacked by skeletons and she was taken here by an armoured skeleton with blue lights for eyes. She appears to be very distressed. Lini calms her a little by saying that they have defeated the skeleton.
Then, remembering their mission, Lini gets up to light the lantern with the flame above the sarcophagus, presumably holding Kassen. Preen was already looking at the body in the sarcophagus, of which the lid was removed. A skeleton in full armour lies in it, arms crossed over the chest, holding a longsword over its body. Around his neck is a chain which clearly was meant to hold an amulet of some sort, but which has been broken off. Preen has noticed a similar chain with missing amulet on the remains of the armoured skeleton.
While LIni lights the lantern, a transparent form of a man rises up from the skeleton, whose features clearly indicate that this is the legendary Kassen himself. Kassen speaks to them and thanks them for slaying Asar, his former companion. Preen asks him about the missing amulets on his body and that of Asar. Kassen tells him that the two amulets are keys to a place where the spoils of his and Asars adventures are stored. There is a third key, of their third companion, Iramine, who may still be alive…
Preen then asks if Kassen still has a need for his armour. Kassen looks at him sternly but does not give an answer. He then turns to Lini and Jonathan and bestows some gifts upon them: Lini gets a bag and a shield, and Jonathan a gemstone. Preen is clearly ignored in this. Then Kassen takes three scales of his armour and hands each party member one, to Preen he hands it over grudgingly. “These scales will provide you a boost when needed. I thank you again and ask you to clean up my final resting place” Then Kassen sinks back into the sarcophagus. Lini and Jonathan move to replace the lid on the sarcophagus.
A quick check of the gifts of bag and shield show that they are magical. Preen is already scouting the left side of the room, where more sarcophagi are present. He discovers a body near one of them, which Lini recognizes to be of a follower of Razmir, who has been dead for about three months. Preen quickly goes through his posessions and finds a map, folded in this map is a note that reads: “The amulets are entombed with Kassen and Asar”. In addition they find a wand, bracers and a horn, all of which are magical. A pouch with a lot of new gold pieces (354 in total) and a spellbook are the last items they take of the corpse. Initially they want to remove the corpse from the crypt room, but Demira is very impatient and wants to leave. She says that they can send some villagers to clean up later. The others agree and leave the room, but not before Preen also takes the armour and the sword of Asar.

They then go to the room that was flooded and which sported some bodies floating in the water. Preen wants to pull the bodies to a dry spot at least, to help the villagers a bit, but when he pulls one corpse toward the dry spot, he first hears an electric sound, and is soon afterward struck by some sort of lighting, hurting him significantly. Cursing a bit he finishes dragging this body to a drier spot, but leaves the rest as they are. They then proceed to the room where they left Roldare, to take him with them outside of the crypt, where they go back to their camping site, to have a look at all the items they found, and to rest, eat and heal.

The following items were retrieved from the crypt:
Chainmail from Asar: magical, gives additional +1 bonus. Lini takes this magical mail, which surprisingly fits her perfectly.
Longsword of Asar: magical, gives additional +1 bonus. Jonathan has a good use for this item.
Bracers: magical bracers of armour, gives additional +1 bonus. Preen can use these very well, as they are small and inconspicuous.
Wand: wand of magical missiles, with 22 charges left. Nobody can use this, so they decide to try to sell it at some point.
Spellbook with the following spells: Cause fear, enlarge person, expeditious retreat, false life, levitate, magic armour, magic missile, ray of enfeeblement. All spells are wizard/sorcerer spells. Also this book they will keep until they can sell it at a good price.
Bag: bag of holding type 1 (can hold 250 lbs of weight and max. 30 sft of space, but will always weigh 15 lbs). Lini thinks this may be useful for her, as she cannot carry as much weight as the others, and with this bag can carry an equal share. The others agree.
Shield: +1 bashing shield. Jonathan shows some interest in the shield
Gem: elemental gem, to summon a water elemental upon breaking the gem. Jonathan keeps hold of this gem for now.
Horn: A horn of Fog: will call a wall of fog to obscure vision or to hide from enemies. Jonathan puts the horn in his bag.

Total amount of gold that was found amounts to 366 pieces, so each get 122 pieces of gold.


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