The Price of Immortality

Past frogs and bats only to be delayed by a walking statue

In the room before the closed portcullis, Preen checks out the water in the basin, but finds nothing of interest. Jonathan sticks his arm through the bars of the portcullis, towards the bats. They flap around, but do not seem to notice the arm especially.
Being stuck here, they decide to go back to the area near the main entrance, with the pool with the keys, as there was still a door that had not been investigated. On their way back, Lini crashes into the pillar with inscriptions, and reads again: To the east lies the wheel to open the gate… They abandon their initial plan to investigate this clue, and they go back to the area that has been submerged in water, to the door behind which they had heard some frog croaking before. Lini lets the men go forward, as the water is quite deep for her. Jonathan and Preen push open the rotten door, which disintegrates upon their touch. Behind the door is a room, flooded with water and with a number of sarcophagi. A giant frog sits on one of them. At the far end of the room another door is visible. Preen enters the room and casts his color spray spell, but this seems to have no effect. Jonathan shoots rapidly two arrows in the frog, but does not kill him. Then suddenly two more frogs emerge from the water. Jonathan calls out to Lini: “There are now three frogs!”
The frogs attack the men, but do not harm them. Lini comes forward, wading through the for her chest-deep water. She casts a spell hold animal on one of the frogs, which freezes, unable to move. Preen sticks his rapier in the frozen frog, but does not yet kill him. Jonathan shoots another arrow in the already wounded frog, finally killing it. Then he shoots at the third frog, but misses him. The frog attacks with his tongue, but misses. Preen attacks his target again, and after a critical hit, the frog is completely destroyed. Jonathan shoots two arrows in the remaining frog, wounding him, and then Preen jumps over the sarcophagus to reach the frog and in one smooth move he kills him with his rapier. The others ignore his somewhat smug face.

In the corner of the room there is a frog nest of some sort. Jonathan and Lini go check this out. A rotten, partially eaten body lies in the nest, with on its hand a golden ring with an aquamarine gem. Also a pouch is found with 24 gold pieces, of a similar sort as were found earlier. Lini casts a ‘detect magic’ spell on the ring, and finds that this is a ring of swimming. She puts it on.
Preen in the meantime is checking out the door in the corner of the room, which is also quite rotten. He hears a soft electric humming sound. The door is opened and behind it is a long corridor. They follow the corridor, Lini swimming with the aid of the ring, and they reach a big room, which is partially under water. At the end of the room, above the water, there is a big wheel. Throughout the room there are carvings on the walls.
Preen enters the room, locally the water is very deep. Suddenly six skeletons appear, and they attack Preen. He is hit lightly, but retaliates quickly by hitting one of the skeletons, giving it a bit of damage. Then Lini enters the fray, and channels her energy with great success: all the skeletons drop down and disintegrate.

Wow, I really get the hang of this channel energy business! I’ll just take it in stride, no need to show too much pride, we do not need a second Preen in the group…

Preen goes on towards the wheel, and turns it as far as he can manage. Jonathan comes over to help him and turns it a bit further. Together they manage to turn it a third round, and then they hear a soft click, the wheel is now locked.
Jonathan swims toward the deep areas in the room, to search, but finds nothing of interest.

Then they go back to the room with the basin and portcullis, which is now open. Preen enters the room in his stealth mode. There are two swarms of bats. Preen casts a color spray spell, and all bats are stunned for the moment. In the room there are some catacombs. They all enter the room, quickly do a check of walls and catacombs, but don’t find anything. While the bats are still stunned, they cross the room and enter a short corridor, at which end there is a door. Preen and Jonathan are quite a ways ahead of Lini, they open the door and enter the room behind it, which is quite damaged, has a deep chasm in the middle of the room with a bridge across it. Across the bridge there is a pair of statues in front of a brass double door. Preen crosses the room and hears a ‘click’ when he is partially across the bridge. Suddenly the statues come to life and charge towards him, pushing him off the bridge, where Preen drops 40 feet down towards the bottom of the chasm. He uses his acrobatics skill to dampen his fall, but he still is hurt quite badly. After their charge, the statues have returned to their positions next to the brass door, and resumed their immobility.
Lini then enters the room, and closes the door behind her. Preen has clambered up the wall of the chasm and is back on the same level with Jonathan and Lini. Seeing his condition, Lini casts a cure moderate wounds spell, and heals him almost completely again.
Preen then disables the trap on the bridge, and walks past the statues towards the brass double door.


DerkG Ageraluon

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