The Price of Immortality

The Satyr and the Three Bears

In her bear-shape, Luna tries to get behind the satyr, to approach her unseen from that side. Unfortunately, when she comes closer to the satyr, she falls under the spell of the druid and enters a resting mode, just like the other three bears. Preen has seen the bear approach the satyr and fall asleep – as he has not seen Luna transform into a bear, he knows she is able to, so he guesses that it might be her, but he is not completely certain. Preen sees that the satyr looks at Luna, but continues to play her pan flute.
Preen sneaks towards the bear he thinks / hopes is Luna, and pokes it, silently praying that he is right, and this indeed is Luna. The poke has effect: Luna startles awake and manages just to avoid clawing at Preen in her moment of confusion at waking suddenly from an unexpected slumber. The satyr notices that Luna is awake, but does not see Preen. The satyr and Luna look at each other strangely – to the satyrs knowledge, the bear should not have woken on her own. Luna then mimics swatting at a horsefly, yawns demonstratively, and turns to the satyr, while giving Preen a quick wink. As Luna starts towards the satyr, the confusion in the druid is clear, and her face clearly shows the unspoken question: Why are you awake? Luna sees a red flicker in her eyes.
Luna continues to walk towards the satyr, who stops playing her pan flute and asks Luna in the tongue of the bears: “Who are you?” The other bears start to stir, now that the flute music has stopped. Luna answers in as innocent a tone “Bear” and continues to walk on. She now also sees a red glow in the eyes of the bears. “But you are not under my influence?!” the satyr says. Luna repeats her previous statement: “Bear”, and her bluff works. The satyr picks up her flute and starts playing again: the bears become tranquil once more.
Luna is now very close to the satyr and suddenly a red glow covers the eyes of the satyr and she stops playing. Luna dives at her and starts to cast a remove disease spell. The satyr is surprised by this sudden ‘attack’, and as the spell of Luna misses its target, her eyes become a deeper red and between clenched teeth she hisses “Run, you fool!!” and she starts to froth at the mouth. The bears become fully awake now.


The satyr takes a step back and casts successfully a ‘fear’ spell on Luna, who turns around and starts running away. She is pursued by two of the three bears. As they run in the direction where Preen is hidden, there is a chance that they spot him, or trample him, but by some miracle neither happens.
The remaining bear attacks the satyr, but misses his strikes. Lini approaches the scene a bit more, and sees the satyr and the bear standing together, both having red eyes. Preen returns and casts a ‘cause fear’ spell on the bear, which partially works – the bear is shaken for a short time.
Then the satyr causes lightning to strike from dark clouds that suddenly appear, and Preen is hit and suffers some minor damage.
Lini then steps forward and shoots a lightning arc of her own into the satyr. Preen joins Lini and repeats his cause fear spell on the bear, with the same effect.
In the meantime, unknown to the group in the clearing, the two bears chasing Luna have given up on her, and start to turn around. The satyr repeats her lightning trick, and both Lini and Preen are hit. Due to her resistance to electricity damage, Lini has barely a scratch, but Preen does suffer a hard blow. Then the satyr casts a spell and a wild boar appears out of nowhere, and charges at Lini. Its attack misses, but the counterstrike of Lini’s trident hits its target. Preen moves around the boar to ensure it is flanked by him and Lini, and executes a double backstab attack, finishing the boar off, and with a somewhat anticlimactic “poof” the boar disappears. In the distance Lini hears sounds coming from the forest, of more than one animal coming back at a moderate speed. She informs Preen that she thinks the other bears, and maybe Luna? will return soon.
The satyr runs away and shoots an arrow at Lini. The bear still in the clearing has stepped toward Lini, who now steps back and casts her ‘spiritual weapon’ spell and has the sword attack the satyr, but it fails to hit its target.
Preen casts another ‘cause fear’ spell on the bear, this time with more effect, the bear is scared and runs away from Preen. This small victory is of short duration: the other two bears now return to the scene. The satyr, under influence of the red rage, does not think coherently, and causes lightning to strike the spiritual sword – to no effect of course. The spiritual sword attacks the satyr and hits her. Lini runs towards the satyr while Preen casts another ‘cause fear’ spell on one of the bears, but this fails to have any effect. The other bear attacks Preen, but this attack also misses.
The satyr attacks Lini, and casts a spell on her. Lini now feels that the satyr is her friend, and would not harm her – so she sends the spiritual weapon to attack one of the bears. As her intended ‘remove disease’ spell is not something that would harm the satyr, but rather help her – and wouldn’t you help a friend too? – she steps towards the satyr to cast her spell. The satyr, knowing that Lini is under her friendship spell, does not expect any harm, so she does not oppose Lini as she puts her hand on her to cast her spell. Immediately after Lini has released her spell, the red from the eyes of the satyr disappears.
In the meantime, after Preens attack of one of the bears missed, the bear has attacked Preen and grabbed him in a literal bear hug, causing significant damage. With the eyes of the satyr having returned to a normal colour, she looks around herself, and taking the scene into consideration, she growls something towards the bears, and their eyes lose their red glow too. The bear releases Preen and walks towards the satyr. The satyr thanks Lini. The fight is over. Lini goes towards Preen and heals him partially.

The influence of the fear spell cast on Luna has subsided, and she gets back to her senses. She intends to return to the clearing, and thankfully finds the correct direction straight away. After a few minutes she, still in her bear-shape, returns to the clearing to find Preen, Lini and the satyr sitting together, with the three bears lying quietly near them.


DerkG Ageraluon

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