Kassen is a small town on the Tourondel River in the Fang Wood of Nirmathas. It’s a relatively close-knit settlement with origins that stretch back to the year 4522 AR, when the town’s founder, Ekat Kassen, grew tired of life as an adventurer and retired there.

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When established in the year 4522 AR by former adventurer Ekat Kassen, the settlement that would become known simply as Kassen was named Kassen’s Hold. Located where it was on the river, Kassen’s Hold became a stopover for those traveling the river to and from the city of Skelt.

Death of Ekat Kassen

In 4535 AR a man by the name of Asar Vergas arrived in Kassen’s Hold. Claiming to be a former adventuring companion of the town’s founder, he felt Kassen had cheated him before they had parted ways. Vergas and a group of mercenaries raided the settlement for a period of two months before their camp was located. Kassen mounted an attack on the raider’s stronghold, slaying Vergas and scattering the mercenaries before succumbing to wounds received during the fighting. Those killed on both sides were buried in the crypt that served as the site of the battle.1


Kassen can be found in the Fang Wood of Nirmathas, its location giving rise to substantial lumber industry in the community. It sits on the banks of the Tourondel River, allowing transport of logs directly to Lake Encarthan.

Places of Note

1. Seven Silvers

Most visitors to Kassen end up at this comfortable two-story inn and tavern. Run by Trelvar
Silvers, this inn features modest prices (4 sp/night), decent food (3 sp/day), and a lively taproom. Trelvar is assisted by his daughter, Asina, and the overly friendly Jimes “Short Change” Iggins, who is known for giving himself generous tips.

2. Greathall

Typically used for meetings, weddings, and other celebrations, the Greathall is a tall, three-story wooden structure near the center of town. Inside is one grand space with a number of smaller rooms on each floor.

3. Woodcutter’s Guildhall

Kassen’s primary export is lumber taken from the surrounding Fangwood. While many of these logs are taken right down the Tourondel River to Lake Encarthan, the woodcutters require that all logs bear the stamp of the guildhall, which of course requires a small fee. As a result, the woodcutter’s guild is one of the more powerful groups in town, under the firm hand of the ever-opportunistic Colbin Vetnar.

4. Temple of Erastil

The only stone building in town is home to Kassen’s only temple. While the church is officially dedicated to Erastil, there are a number of faiths practiced here, including Gozreh, Gorum, Shelyn, and Torag. Father Prasst is the only priest, but most in town refer to him as the “High Priest.”

5. Town Watch Headquarters:

Guard Captain Wisslo spends most of his time in this building or patrolling the streets of Kassen. While the guardsmen are mostly relaxed in their duties, they become an effective force if there is trouble in town.

6. Renet’s Steel:

While Renet’s shop services much of the town’s needs when it comes to metalworks, his quality is nowhere near that of Braggar’s. Most metal items can be found here for the standard prices, but there are no masterwork items to be found at Renet’s Steel.

7. Arnama’s Home

This is the home of Arnama Lastrid, one of the few rangers who lives in Kassen. Mayor Uptal, who trusts the ranger’s instincts implicitly, frequently calls Arnama to the town council to report and advise.

8. Sir Dramott’s Home

This is the home of Sir Dramott, a knight from Lastwall who keeps watch on the town.

9. Braggar’s Shop:

This is the workshop and home of Braggar Ironhame, a dwarven blacksmith. Braggar’s works exceed those of Renet’s Steel, but he works much slower and charges a higher price. Braggar can forge nearly any masterwork metal tool, weapon, or armor.

10. Vargidan Estate

This is the home of the eccentric Vargidan family, and has a bit of a spooky reputation in town.

11. Holgast’s Tower

Holgast’s slightly crooked tower stands at the edge of town.

12. Mayor Uptal’s Home

This modest building along the water is the home of Mayor Uptal, who can frequently be found in the Greathall holding meetings or on his small boat in the river, fishing.

13. Ilimara’s Home

This is the home of Ilimara Oniri, the mysterious woman from Qadira.


  • Size: Hamlet (750)
  • Demographics
    • 93% human
    • 3% halfling
    • 2% halforc
    • 1% elf
    • 1% half-elf

People of Note

  • Mayor Jonark Uptal
  • Innkeeper Trelvar Silvers
    • Assina Silvers (daughter)
    • Jimes “Short Change” Iggins (waiter)


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